Quality of Life

St. Bernard Parish and the surrounding Greater New Orleans areas are know for being rich with history, cultural and tradition. The chief historical attraction in St. Bernard Parish is the Chalmette National Historical Park (or Chalmette Battlefield), at which the Battle of New Orleans took place on January 8, 1815 during the War of 1812. Many street names and buildings near the battlefield bear the names of the chief participants; most notably St. Bernard Parish’s elementary school which was named in honor of Andrew Jackson, who was the American commanding officer in the battle. The area is also home to the Isleños community who are descendants of Spanish colonists of the Canary Islands who arrived in the 1720’s. Over numerous generations they have succeeded in preserving their unique tradition, language and culture which is celebrated at their annual Isleños festival.

St. Bernard Parish’s many attributes make it an ideal location for new and expanding businesses who wish to offer their employees an affordable cost of living, low crime rate and low taxes. It’s close proximity to downtown New Orleans and the French Quarter offers infamous cuisine, world renowned entertainment, superior health care systems, excellent university and educational resources, major league sports teams, historic parks, and a waterfront filled with premier fishing facilities and recreational opportunities.