"St. Bernard Parish has reinvented itself through the people who live and work here, the workforce has come back strong with increased skills and flexibility to meet new demands from a wide range of industries. Our team of over 130 employees in the parish is committed to the port, its facilities and the customers which we serve.

Associated Terminals is heavily invested in St. Bernard Parish and we are glad to call it our home. There are many exciting things happening at the Port of St. Bernard. We have achieved record tonnage movements and increased ship calls exceeding pre Katrina levels. We recently opened a new 40,000 metric ton bulk cargo warehouse and have a number of capital improvement projects slated to begin this year which will bring more jobs and greater economic benefit to the region for many years to come!

Today, St. Bernard Parish is a thriving community. its proud people are motivated, a "can do" attitude is prevalent everywhere you look and its geographic location offers tremendous potential for growth in a wide range of economic activities.

We are proud to have reopened our Port of St. Bernard facilities and welcome you to contact us if you have questions about doing business in a place we call home."

David Fennelly
Associated Terminals

"On Monday August 29th, 2005 the Domino Sugar Refinery in Chalmette suffered a catastrophic loss when the flood waters of Hurricane Katrina reached 8 feet at the facility. More than 70 million dollars in damage was incurred in less than five minutes.

The owners of the Corporation immediately told the employees working here that it would rebuild this facility very quickly and help the employees and their families in every way possible to start putting their lives back together again. Working together, the plant was back in operations in less than 100 days. Not one employee lost an hour of pay during this time.

In May 2009, the Domino Sugar Refinery at Chalmette will celebrate its’ 100th Anniversary. Our commitment to this area, especially St Bernard Parish remains very strong. We believe we are one of the economic catalysts needed in order to keep our people here in the area and attract new families to come and live here. Domino Sugar works with the Local Government and Civic and Economic Boards to make our community stronger and a better place to live than before.

A strong Economic Development Commission is essential to help bring needed resources to those business that need help. We have such a Commission in place."

Allan C Reichert
Domino Sugar Refinery

Boasso America Corporation operates in 10 cities throughout the United States, with an employment of 350, and has been located in St. Bernard for over 20 years. It is the largest tank container company in the world with its domiciled corporate headquarters office located in St. Bernard Parish. Boasso’s growth is directly attributed to its world class facility, strategic location on the Mississippi River and a strong, dedicated, hard working employee base.

The location on the Mississippi River enables us to be far away from the congestion of port and trade activities; however, close enough to provide us with a unique logistics advantage over our competition.

In all the cities Boasso operates, there is none that can compare to the hard work ethic and strong family values of the St. Bernard community. We find the people are the number one reason for our company’s success and you cannot find a better workforce than what is available in St. Bernard.

We are fortunate to have a strong Economic Development Commission that works with the businesses of St. Bernard to provide valuable assistance to meet their needs."

Robert E. Showalter
Executive Vice President – CFO
Boasso America Corporation

"At Murphy Oil Corp., our vision for progress through excellence has always extended beyond our business and into the communities we serve. For 47 years, we’ve been pleased to find that same desire for achievement among the people of St. Bernard Parish and we believe this sense of purpose and personal commitment are key to the ongoing success of our Meraux Refinery.

Nowhere is the community’s dedication to progress more evident than in the work of the St. Bernard Economic Development Commission. The business leaders know firsthand the resolve demonstrated by the Commission. As we all worked together to rebuild the local economy in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the business leaders in our Parish totally respect and support the commitment demonstrated by the Economic Development Commission. We also understand that the Commission is looking ahead strategically to anticipate the needs of employers for future generations.

At Murphy Oil, we are pleased to contribute to this momentum by encouraging the volunteer efforts of our 300 employees, providing support through our Community Relations Program and supporting the education system of St. Bernard Parish. Working in partnership with the Economic Development Commission, our employees and others who aspire to excellence, we look forward to continued growth in our community and new opportunities for those who live and work here."

Carl Zornes
Manager of Human Resources
Murphy Oil USA, Inc. Meraux Refinery